M12 und M16 Rundstecker
Cable Connectors

As individual as you like!

Zwei gerade und ein abgewinkelter Rundstecker
From a single source:
Idea and Series

There are requirements to cable connectors which are not or not ideally met by standardised catalogue products. According to the motto „As individual as you like!“ phg manufactures cable connectors according to your demand and optimized for your requirements.

Circular Connectors

M12 und M16 Rundstecker gerade sowie M8 Rundstecker abgewinkelt

Customized circular connectors M5, M8, M9, M12 or M16

Depending on the requirement profile the production is performed with our own injection moulds, e.g. for standard models or with custom-made tools incl. exclusive right.

  • Overmoulded metric circular connectors acc. DIN EN 61076-2 or customized connector layout satisfying the requirements of the application: Polar pattern and pin assignment
  • overmoulded with different standard shapes in straight or angled design (e.g. anti-kink grommet, smooth grommet) or
  • overmoulded with individual design in the desired feel and shape for optimum ergonomy
  • Partial individualization also possible: e.g. logo integration, different color overmouldings and overmoulding granulates (e.g. UL94-V0), stainless steel hexagon nut
  • Designs with LED status display
  • for special requirements, e.g. food & beverage
  • Cable acc. customer specification: Cable setup (e.g. hybrid conductor cross-sections), type of shielding, sheath material (e.g. PVC, PUR, TPE), color of sheath, cable length
  • overmoulded on one side or both sides
  • individual overall configuration, e.g. first side Mxx-connector - second side individually confectioned (e.g. cable gland mounted or cable support sleeve moulded, common crimp connectors confectioned)
  • Our family of circular connectors is continuously growing. Contact us with your request
  • You are also looking for suitable device connectors ? You will find them with us.


Customer-specific development. Customer-specific production.

Customer orientation and production know-how are values phg stands for. With appr. 300 employees we count on our location Deißlingen and thus consistently on “Made in Germany”. You benefit from short paths, assured quality and reliable availability.

M12 Rundstecker 12 polig

M12 connector 12 pin

M12 Rundstecker Stift 90 Grad Winkel

M12 connector pin 90 degrees

M8 Rundstecker gerade schwarz umspritzt

M8 connector straight

M12 Rundstecker abgeschirmt

M12 connector shielded

M12 Rundstecker abgewinkelt

M12 connector angled

M16 Rundstecker abgewinkelt in kurzer Bauform

M16 shielded angled
with short connector contour

M16 mit kurzer Steckerkontur

M16 shielded with anti-kink grommet

phg Verbindungstechnik Rundstecker

M16 12+3
12 signal contacts +
3 power contacts

M5 Rundstecker gerade schwarz umspritzt

M5 connector overmoulded

M8 Rundstecker abgewinkelt

M8 connector angled

M16 Rundstecker abgewinkelt in kurzer Bauform

M16 angled in short design
for narrow installation conditions

M9 Rundstecker gerade schwarz umspritzt

M9 connector straight

M9 Rundstecker weiß abgewinkelt

M9 connector angled

M9 Rundstecker T-Verbinder für Bussystem

M9 T-connector for bus system

M9 Rundsteckverbinder abgewinkelt weiß biokompatibles Material

M9 smooth cable support sleeve and
biocompatible material
for medical technology

M12 Rundstecker mit Konusmutter aus Kunststoff

M12 with conical nut
made of plastic

M12 Rundstecker mit Doppelkabelabgang

M12 with double cable outlet

M12 Rundstecker C-codiert 6 polig

M12 C-coded 6 pin
(1 leading contact)

M16 Abschlussstecker mit Widerstand

M16 terminating connector with resistor
and customer-specific contour

M16 Rundstecker geschirmt mit Knickschutzhülle

M16 with short connector contour

M16 Rundstecker mit glatter Kabeltülle

M16 with smooth cable support sleeve
for the food industry
and medical technology

M16 Rundstecker mit glatter Kabeltülle

M16 connector with anti-kink grommet

M) Abschlussstecker mit integriertem Widerstand

M9 terminating connector
with integrated resistor

m12 Rundstecker Steckerkontur in unterschiedlichen Farben

M12 connector contour
available in different colors

M12 Rundstecker 17 polig

M12 connector 17 pin

phg - the Possibilities

As individual as you like

Take advantage of the option to ideally customize your cable and connector solution to your requirements.

The individual requirements include functionality and quality as well as design and the technical connection of the product to the end device. This starts with the cable length. And continues with different pin arrangements and connections for easy installation up to special material requirements with respect to approvals (UL, Med, etc.), surfaces or flexibility.

The complete cable assembly - from a single source: economic, on request with 100% testing - and all that Made in Germany

How must your (cable) connector look like on the B-side? Take advantage of the assembly competence of phg for the complete cable assembly from a single source - economic and useful: different assembly possibilities for convenient connection, from the common crimp solution or soldering connection to integrated electronics.

Customized production - Made in Germany

phg manufactures device and cable connectors according to your wishes and optimized for your requirements. These include:

  • Optimum integration of functions in one cable and one connector
  • Optimum geometry, suitable for your device
  • Individualization for safe handling
  • Economic solutions through a completely ready to install system from a single source

Name your wishes, and together with you we design the device connectors, cables and cable connectors that meet your requirements. Optimization for the intended purpose creates convincing but also economic advantages.


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