M12 mit Kunststoffeghäuse und M23 19 polig
Device Connectors
As individual as you like!

There are requirements which are not or not ideally met by standardized catalogue products. According to the motto „As individual as you like!“ phg manufactures device connectors according to your wishes and optimized for your requirements.

phg Verbindungstechnik Gerätesteckverbinder
Idea and series from a single source
Your benefit

Our customers particularly appreciate the flexibility with which phg transforms specific requirements into optimized solutions. The production variety of phg creates optimum preconditions for the production of small, medium-sized and large series in line with market requirements.

phg Verbindungstechnik Gerätesteckverbinder
Economic and flexible

Our particular performance strength is based on a flexible production process - from manual confection and semi-automatic production to fully automated manufacturing - depending on your requirements.

Device Connectors

phg Verbindungstechnik drei Gerätesteckverbinder

Ready to install device connectors - in the desired specification

In addition to the cable assemblies of phg we have been producing device connectors for many years, also called flange bushings and flange connectors, above all in the series M12 and M16. Apart from standard connectors a multitude of customized variants has been created.

Customized circular connectors M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, M23:

  • Customized strand selection, strand combination and strand length
  • Connector layout satisfying the requirements with customized pin arrangement or mixed contact arrangement (power and signal contacts)
  • Coding torsion-proof, integrated in connector housing
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Flange seal depending on requirement and operating environment
  • If necessary back-potted for increased tightness
  • Connector housings with individual geometry and in different materials such as plastics, brass nickel-plated (CuZn), stainless steel, zinc diecasting
  • Standard connector housings or individualized resp. additional functions, installation situations, locking function, design, wrench size or installation depth, suitable for the wall thickness of the device housing



Customer-specific development. Customer-specific production.

Customer orientation and production know-how are values phg stands for. With appr. 300 employees we count on our location Deißlingen and thus consistently on “Made in Germany”. You benefit from short paths, assured quality and reliable availability.

[Translate to English:] M12 Flanschstecker 12 polig mit Edelstahlgehäuse

M12 flange connector 12 pin with stainless steel housing

M23 Stecker 19 polig Codiernase mittels Kontersystem ausrichtbar

M23 connector 19 pin (16+3)
Coding finder alignable via counter system

M16 Gerätesteckverbinder 12 Signalkontakte und 3 Leistungskontakte

M16 12+3
12 signal contacts +
3 power contacts

M8 Gerätesteckverbinder mit extrem kurzen Litzen und Wireclip

M8 device connector with extremely short strands + Wireclip

M12 Gerätestecker einbaufertig mit individuell konfektioniertem Stecksystem

M12 device connector ready to install,
with individually confectioned
connector system at the second side

M12 mit Vierkantflansch

M12 with square flange

M12 mit Edelstahlgehäuse

M12 with stainless steel housing

M12 mit Kunststoffgehäuse

M12 with plastic housing

M5 Gerätesteckverbinder kundenspezifisch

M5 device connector customized

M5 Gerätesteckverbinder 2 in 1

M5 device connector 2 in 1

M16 Flanschstecker mit 4 Signal- und 4 Powerkontakten

M16 flange connector mix 4+4,
with 4 signal and
4 power contacts

M16 Flanschstecker UL-zertifiziert mit UL-Label

M16 flange connector UL-certified
with UL label

M12 schlanke Einbauversion mit durchgängigem M12-Gewinde

M12 slim installation version with
continuous M12 thread

M12 Gerätesteckverbinder - Buchse

M12 device connector - socket

M12 mit Kunststoffgehäuse

M12 with plastic housing

M12 Drehstecker mit Flexleiterplatte

M12 turning connector with Flex printed circuit board

M16 Flanschbuchse Printversion

M16 flange socket print version

M16 Flanschstecker Printversion

M16 flange connector print version

M8 Gerätesteckverbinder Printversion

M8 device connector print version

M12 Rundstecker 17 polig

M12 device connectors 17 pin
Print version

Customized production - Made in Germany

phg manufactures device and cable connectors according to your wishes and optimized for your requirements. These include:

  • Optimum integration of functions in one cable and one connector
  • Optimum geometry, suitable for your device
  • Individualization for safe handling
  • Economic solutions through a completely ready to install system from a single source

Name your wishes, and together with you we design the device connectors, cables and cable connectors that meet your requirements. Optimization for the intended purpose creates convincing but also economic advantages.

phg - the Possibilities

As individual as you like

Take advantage of the option to ideally customize your cable and connector solution to your requirements.

The individual requirements include functionality and quality as well as design and the technical connection of the product to the end device. This starts with the cable length. And continues with different pin arrangements and connections for easy installation up to special material requirements with respect to approvals (UL, Med, etc.), surfaces or flexibility.

Ready to install, from a single source, economic and on request with 100% testing - and all that Made in Germany

In order to make the installation as easy as possible the customized cable and connector assemblies are already individually confectioned at both ends. More and more companies appreciate to obtain a functional connection with all interfaces ready to install, application-specific and economic from a single source - combined with the experience and flexibility of a manufacturer Made in Germany.


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