MOTIO-A OEM RFID-Motorleser ohne Frontblende
MOTIO-A OEM RFID-Motorleser mit Frontblende ohne Display
MOTIO-A OEM RFID-Motorleser mit Frontblende und Display

With the retaining function of the OEM RFID motor reader MOTIO-A solutions can be realized for which a redemption of the ID cards is required. Due to its shutter module MOTIO-A can also be integrated very well into superior systems for the programming of ID cards in a safe and protected position. The availability of all standard RFID technologies, the well-known flexible interface technology and not least the full integration into the phg-crypt environment ease the application for the user.

Special features

  • Universally applicable for the reading and writing of RFID transponder media
  • Retaining function for identity cards
  • Shutter blocks the card insertion in “standby mode”
  • Comprehensive installation accessories for easy integration


  • Access control / parking systems with option “retain identity cards”, e.g. “ID cards with expiration date”, “visitor and guest identification”, etc.
  • Leisure areas such as leisure park, swimming pool, etc.
  • Cash handling, e.g. in order to credit or debit amounts of money.
  • General user identification and wherever the user must not have access to the ID card during the write/read process.


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