With the OEM-RFID card dispenser MOTIO-B, solutions can be implemented that require the issue of ID cards. Thanks to its shutter module, MOTIO-B can also be easily integrated into higher-level systems for programming ID cards in a safe and protected position. The availability of all common RFID technologies, the usual flexible interface technology and, last but not least, complete integration into the phg-crypt environment make it easy for the user to use. Whether with or without a stainless steel front panel, with additional optical and acoustic signal elements or as an installation option in an existing environment - the MOTIO-B can be integrated in many ways.

Special features

  • Universally applicable for reading and writing of RFID transponder media
  • Motorized issuing of ID cards
  • Depending on the card thickness, approx. 300 ID cards can be stacked
  • Extensive installation accessories for easy integration


  • Access control / parking systems with the "Automatically issue ID cards" function, e.g. visitor or guest ID cards, etc.
  • Leisure area such as amusement park, swimming pool, etc.
  • Wherever ID cards have to be issued automatically, with or without an additional RFID read / write function


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