Cleanroom production

We have installed our cleanrooms precisely for the requirements of medical technology. Since 1999 production under cleanroom conditions has been part of phg’s performance portfolio. Since then, we have consistently expanded the capacities in this area. For you as our customer this means vast experience, higher flexibility in production and guaranteed availability with phg.

Comprehensive cleanroom technology such as HEPA filter systems to achieve the necessary purity and checks such as contact samples and bioburden determination to monitor the sterility are preconditions of a continuously safe production and delivery process.

Overmoulding technology in cleanroom

Miartbeiterin in Schutzkleidung im Reinraum

phg separates the overmoulded product from the machine environment

Due to the increased requirements to the absence of particles and germs in sensitive products phg has realized the overmoulding process under cleanroom conditions. We have solved the challenge to produce the overmoulded product separate from the machine environment.

In-house injection moulding in cleanroom

Mitarbeiterin im Reinraum

For finished parts

Finished parts can also be produced under cleanroom conditions at phg.

Cable assembly and special production

phg Unternehmen Mitarbeiter im Reinraum

The proper handling of cables and purchase parts, the optimum assembly up to the packaging - this, and more, is what we have to offer you. Our three cleanroom zones are independent from each other, both in terms of space and of their infrastructure. A competent team, state-of-the-art technology and permanent online monitoring ensure that the requirements of our customers to constant quality are always fulfilled.

Guaranteed Quality

Functional test in the cleanroom

phg Unternehmen Mitarbieter im Reinraum

Modern technology and many years of experience

Kabel prüfen und verpacken im Reinraum

Motivated employees with competence


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