The new generation of the RFID reader family VOXIO with touch surface

VOXIO-T (Touch)

VOXIO-T Touch RFID-Leser schwarz mit Tastatur
VOXIO-T Touch RFID-Leser schwarz ohne Tastatur
VOXIO-T Touch RFID-Leser weiß mit Ziffern
VOXIO-T Touch RFID-Leser weiß ohne Ziffern
VOXIO-T Touch RFID-Leser schwarz mit Tastatur

The new generation of the RFID reader family VOXIO with touch surface

As an OEM partner phg offers the well-designed reader Voxio Touch that integrates nicely into a sophisticated ambience. It offers interesting technical features and is equipped with all functions for convenient use and easy connectivity.

Special features:

  • Noble glass design
  • Capacitive touch keyboard
  • Symbols and numbers backlit
  • 3 status LEDs (multicolor / RGB) 
  • Multi ISO platform (LEGIC® SM4200M)
  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly: Matches every flush-mounted or hollow wall box acc. DIN with screw distance 60 mm or the surface-mounted housing available as accessory.


  • Access control
  • Time recording
  • Operating data acquisition
  • Parking systems
  • Alarm systems
  • General user identification


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