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phg - Beyond Business as Usual

Intelligent and creative solutions have raised phg to a special rank: the rank of being a company with added value. With appr. 300 employees we at phg realize solutions, products and systems that stand out from the usual by ideas, cost-consciousness and quality. With phg you will get a partner that fine-tunes solutions with passion and fully convinces in its fields of competence: from the first conceptual thought to the product ready to go into production. Continuity and experience since 1974 - no mere trifle in a market characterized by rapid product cycles and massive thrusts of innovation. And quality is not necessarily more expensive - we will be happy to prove it.

What Sets us Apart


In its divisions data and connection technology phg provides its customers comprehensive and individual solutions. From development to production and logistics all is united at the location Deißlingen. In this way, phg ensures shorter paths, faster arrangements and greater flexibility. The major reason, however, why phg consistently counts on the production of top quality “Made in Deißlingen”, is the high manufacturing depth and the resulting know-how that is hard to find anywhere else in the industry. With this ability, knowledge and the perfect finish all preconditions for high-end products are fulfilled at phg. But only our passion to turn your requirement into our business gives rise to the quality that has always distinguished us from our competitors.

Quality First

Quality as we understand it is not just a property of the individual product but our relationship to our partners and customers. This is why our total performance is under continuous quality monitoring. This distinct “quality first!” approach has led to new findings. Findings that our customers benefit from in the form of continuously improved processes .

This quality is not least reflected in the certification acc. DIN EN ISO 9001 and for medical products acc. DIN EN ISO 13485 - as well as in every single product.


We acknowledge our joint responsibility for the preservation of natural resources - and can prove this in black and white: Since 2006, the environmental management at phg has been certified acc. DIN EN ISO 14001. On the occasion of extension works in 2012 phg also invested in a photovoltaic system. Whenever the sun shines our photovoltaic system generates plenty of energy that we largely use ourselves.

Rooted in the Region

With over 300 employees we are one of the biggest employers in Deißlingen. Our region is coined by lively associations and committed citizens, something we are happy to support in many ways both in Deißlingen and in Deißlingen-Lauffen.

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