M12 cable with overmoulded connectors

You can get the sturdy and highly versatile connector from phg in a variety of designs and configuration levels.

When defining your cable assembly the following parameters have to be set:

  • Polar pattern and pin assignment
  • Cable type, type of shielding, cable setup with sheath material (PVC, PUR, TPE), conductor cross-section and setup, length and color.
  • Special requirements, e.g. to the surface and geometry of the union nut.
  • The overmoulding can also be matched in terms of color. Finally, you can even define your own overmoulding contour (e.g. special anti-kink protection) with us that is adapted to the application.
  • The second side of the cable is also overmoulded or confectioned according to your requirements.

We will be glad to assist you with the definition of your overmoulded cable and present you the suitable combination.


M12 Rundstecker mit Konusmutter aus Kunststoff
M12 Rundstecker 12 polig


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