IPC-WHMA-A-620A – a Label for Quality

The Industry Standard IPC-WHMA-A-620A Requirements and acceptance terms for cable and wiring harness assemblies are issued by the two organisations ... IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries and WHMA - Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association to ensure the quality in the manufacturing of cable assembly products.

The standard IPC/WHMA-A-620 in its current version describes tests and acceptance criteria for the manufacturing of crimped, mechanically protected or soldered connections and the assembly operations associated with cable and wiring harness assemblies.

The quality criteria of the standard are reflected in our production with respect to specifications, tests and trainings and are an integral element of our performance range. To ensure the quality in production processes and the qualification and competence in respective internal trainings we have a qualified CIT-certified IPC-trainer.


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