The RFID reader for extreme operating conditions.

You can use the VOXIO IP 65 RFID reader in particularly rough environments. With its high IP 65 protection class and simple on-wall mounting, it provides the ideal specifications for reliable operation.

Special features:

  • Possible to have individual colour combinations and customer-specific front cover with logo
  • Particularly well suited for external use in rough environments as a purely on-wall variation with protection class IP 65.
  • Opening protection through key locks

Scopes of application

  • Access control, time registration, operating data registration
  • Park systems, alarm systems
  • General user identification
RFID technologies LEGIC prime ü

LEGIC advant ü

MIFARE Classic ü


125 kHz ü

ISO14443A (CSN / UID) ü

ISO15693 (CSN / UID) ü

Sony FeliCa (CSN / UID) ü

Inside Secure (CSN / UID) ü

Interface variations RS485 (2-wire) ü

RS232 ü

"Magstripe" clock/data open collector ü

Wiegand D0/D1 open collector ü

I²C-Bus ü

Inputs/outputs Digital inputs 2

Keyboard without ü

Membrane keyboard (12-key) ü

Software protocols phg_crypt (read/write functions) ü

phg1685A ü

phg_comm ü

Transparent LEGIC command set ü

phg_LEGIC_RW_01_advant ü

"Active" sending ü

Magstripe clock/data ü

Wiegand D0/D1 ü

Customer-specific adjustments possible ü
The support and availability of the different software protocols depends on the respective RFID technology.

Power supply 8 to 30 V DC

Signal elements Buzzer ü

LED green / yellow / red

Temperature range -25°C to +60°C

Certification CE

Protection class IP65

Dimensions (WxHxD) 90 x 120 x 50 mm (AP)

Connection type Screw terminals (lift system)
  • I/O box with I²C interface
  • I/O box with RS485 interface
  • Opening protection with key lock