Products - data technology

phg unites comfort and security in the non-contact read/write systems.
A comprehensive spectrum of terminals, built-in modules, and accessories is available for a diverse range of applications.


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simple and flexible: Its surfaces, colours, covers and front covers can be combined in an almost unlimited number of ways. The modular design gives you a variety of combinations.


The OEM reader module for all brand name switch programs with cutout 50x50, 55x55, or in Corian


The RFID module in a desktop or installation design

PRIMO built-in modules

Universal built-in RFID modules, can be attached or soldered together

Reader modules for door communication systems

Reader integrated into SIEDLE VARIO and Steel, BEHNKE, ELCOM, RITTO and GIRA.
One design, in the manufacturers' standard colours, various interfaces and comfortable connection technology. 

MOTIO motor draw-in reader

RFID motor draw-in reader as compact built-in unit with RFID read/write function


The transponder furniture lock is a compact, battery-operated furniture lock for cabinets, lockers, and drawers.

NFC Mobile Tool

Universal tool for bidirectional data exchange with RFID readers and tags via RFID HF interface.


Door Manager

Far-range systems

With the phg far-range systems you get solutions for identification over distances of up to 10 meters.

Programming station

Universal RFID module for initialising identification media

RFID identification media

You get the right RFID media to complete our program, such as key chains and ID cards that suit your system.

Battery powered stand alone components

For example for RFID furniture lock, roomsafes, deposit boxes and more.