phg data technology

The contactless and non-contact OEM read and read/write components from phg are used by many established system integrators in the identification technology, access control, time registration and BDE sectors, amongst others.

With a comprehensive standard selection of OEM system components, we at phg have established ourselves as a qualified partner for RFID technology in the security and identification sector.

As standard products in the data technology sector often do not correspond to special customer needs, phg made it its objective to develop and implement special solutions in close collaboration with customers. The development and production know-how and high vertical integration is advantageous to you because at phg you get "variety from one source".

"Variety from one source" means:

  • All marketable RFID systems are immediately available to you.
  • Thus, you save development time and development costs.

Your competitive edge:

  • Design variations
  • Many different colours
  • Various interfaces
  • The right connection technology


You gain time for your core business - we take care of the details

We can offer comprehensive advice in terms of product selection.