System solutions

Custom-made developments

High-end or low-cost. Customer-specific system solutions come about at phg in close collaboration with our customers. Quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. Here, phg falls back on know-how that has been acquired over decades. The most modern development, production and testing devices are ready to realise custom-made solutions for you.


Connection cable with coupler plug, economical in manufacturing and assembly

Moulded plug for data transmission with individual geometry

Hot melt-moulded individual stranded wires to be fed through devices

Hybrid cable for measuring emissions with signal lines and gas lines

Plug with data button for the transmission of measurement data

Moulded, SMD-fitted printed circuit board with connection cable

Hot melt-moulded printed circuit board with function keys and soldered terminal lugs

Gas separating filter to carry air and electricity

Adapter plug with customer-specific printed circuit board

Customer-specific moulded cable sleeve (Thermoplast) and moulded connection to flex-printed circuit board (hot melt)

Hybrid plug connection for the conveyance of air and electrical signals