Sub-D - cables with moulded plugs

This plug connector, which is known as a printer cable, is offered by phg as an industrially mature version. The range of products offered as straight and angled variations in 9-, 15- and 25-pole distinguishes itself through the beneficial shielding technology and robust moulding. You get plug connections from phg in diverse variations and design stages.

The following parameters must be specified when defining your cable fittings:

  • Contact configuration and pin assignment
  • Cable type, type of shielding, cable design with sheath material (PVC, PUR, TPE), cable cross-section and design, length, and colour.
  • The colour of the moulding can also be adjusted. Finally, you can even define your own mould contour that has been customized for the application.
  • Script can be used if desired.
  • Your own plug contour with individual design
  • The 2nd side of the cable is assembled according to your specifications.

We are happy to help you define your moulded cable and provide you with the appropriate combination.


Sub-D with extra-long bend release

Sub-D with stainless steel locking screws

Sub-D with dual-cable outflow

Sub-D with customer-specific electronics

Sub-D plug with knurled screws

Sub-D plug angled