M16 - Cables with moulded plugs

The M16 plug connector series has established itself as an industry standard, primarily in the areas of sensor, control and energy supply technology. 
The robust plug connector from phg - which is very diverse thanks to the ability to further develop contact density - comes in diverse variations and design stages.

The following parameters must be specified when defining your cable fittings:

  • Contact configuration and pin assignment
  • Special requirements, e.g. on the surface and the geometry of the union nut.
  • Cable type, type of shielding, cable design with sheath material (PVC, PUR, TPE), cable cross-section and design, length, and colour.
  • The colour of the moulding can also be adjusted. Finally, you can even define your own mould contour that has been customized for the application (e.g. sealing device).
  • The 2nd side of the cable is assembled according to your specifications.

We are happy to help you define your moulded cable and provide you with the appropriate combination.


M16 termination plug with customer-specific contour

M16 contour without cable sleeve 

M16 angled in short design for tight installation conditions

M16 with smooth cable sleeve for the food industry and medical technology

M16 plug with bend release