Stranded wire assembly

Crimping safely

phg manufactures almost all marketable crimp contacts from manufacturers such as Tyco AMP, Molex, JST... We use stripping and crimping machines and fully automatic machines on which the stranded cables can be manufactured with crimped or tin-coated ends starting at a length of 15 mm. We can also crimp turned contacts with special applications.

Thanks to the use of crimping strength monitoring systems, we offer our customers a high level of safety for crimp connections.


Manufacturing with stripper crimper. Feeding the crimp contact, and stripping and crimping the conducting medium in one.

Fully automatically produced. Turned contacts with 8x MIL crimp, 2nd side tin-coated. Can be manufactured fully automatically starting at a length of 15 mm.

Manufacturing with fully automatic machine.
Various assembly options for stranded cables in combination with cutting to length, stripping, twisting, tin coating, and crimping. Computer-controlled and with in-process crimp strength monitoring.

Assessing the quality of crimp points using photomicrograph. Here, impermeability to gas and the geometry of the crimp point are assessed, for example.

Monitoring the crimping process using in-process crimping strength monitoring.

Visual inspection.

In addition to testing the crimp height and crimping strength loss, crimp connections are also subjected to a visual inspection in order to, for example, evaluate correct position and stripping length.

Crimp contacts with F-crimps. For miniature plug systems starting at contacting space 1.0 mm. Manufactured on modern semi-automatic and fully automatic machines.