When standard connectors are not an option

In spite of the variety of connectors on the market there are ever more requirements that demand a customized connector design. phg Peter Hengstler has specialized on these individual customer projects.

The connector system described, consisting of a cable with connectors at the A- and B-side, is an example of a complex, customized development as it is intended for a very robust and at the same time delicate application. Apart from essential design features and functionalities the handling of the connector was also emphasized during the development, such as a locking function, a safe grip and a pleasant tactile quality (haptics).

Technische Zeichnung farbig Steckverbinder mit Datentaste

During the implementation of this special connector system phg could bring in its high manufacturing depth - from cable assembly and electronics production to plastic injection moulding technology. The outer dimensions of the connector to be plugged into the device were prescribed as the connector housing was intended to be in proportion to the handy customer instrument. The connector housing has a size of 20 x 12 x 6 mm, but in spite of its compact dimensions it contains the electronics for safe data processing. The taking over of data is triggered by a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) button that meets the safety requirements based on the application environment.

The connector system on the B-side (to the analysis unit) is also a plastic overmoulded electronic connector combination. In order to be able to consider different analysis devices with different interfaces the cable can be equipped with different connectors mating the devices.

It is hard to imagine how many ideas and how much experience and production know-how are embedded in a system that some users just call a “cable”:

  • Ergonomy, to set the button for an easy handling to the proper place,
  • specifications by the customer in terms of connection types, miniaturization to meet design and weight requirements,
  • and finally the function.

As a full-service provider we have significant advantages because we make the complete process sequence from development and optimization to series production possible in one location.


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