From Strand to Complex Multifunctional Connection

For trendsetting end products you need suppliers with ideas: a company that required a new generation of rotary connectors for its innovative lights - phg developed them exclusively according to customer requirements. This new component design became necessary due to the increasing number of functions in the light, such as the transmission of video images. The new lights are mounted to the ceiling of the operation room and can be rotated in several ways by means of joint arms. Both the transmission of signal data such as video, switch and button signals and many more and the high-current supply of the lamps is made via several rotary connectors in this joint arm system.

The new design placed great emphasis on the trouble-free transmission of data and the simultaneous movement of the rotary arm. This requirement was the major challenge, explains Alfons Honer, managing director of the division Connection Technology at phg. Ensuring the trouble-free flow of data and current during the movement of the lights without direct cable connection - this was anything but ordinary for the team, despite phg’s vast experience with the development and series production of customer-specific cable and connector solutions.

The easy assembly was another item to focus on. In an emergency such a rotary arm system including the light is removed from the ceiling and replaced by just one bolt.

Drehsteckverbinder für OP-Leuchten

The result is a rotary connector that can bear 3 power contacts up to 10 A and features 4 signal contacts. The complete function is housed in a compact unit that is easy to install and meets strictest requirements. With this new development phg could apply its comprehensive knowledge in connection technology for the benefit of both sides and created a new option for the combined, safe and flexible data and current transmission.

The benefits:

■ Radially x times turnable by 360°, without any limitation in each joint
■ Low contact restistance
■ Trouble-free transmission of data
■ Easy to install
■ Power contacts
■ Required dielectric strength
■ Reduced signal noise
■ Multifunctional plastic parts
■ Protective housing
■ UL-approval

“In order to fulfil this complex list of requirements it was a clear advantage to be able to ensure the complete process chain of electronics and mechanics in one location and thus an intense know-how transfer in direct dialogue between design and production”, Joachim Hengstler looks back. For this reason it was no problem for him and his team to integrate the high complexity of the requirements into a function-optimized and economic solution. “The implementation of the mechanical requirements were  almost routine”, Joachim Hengstler explains and looks forward to further exciting tasks which need to be solved in medical technology.


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