Highly functional solution with superb convenience

In recent years phg has also acquired an excellent reputation as a competent solution partner in medical technology. One example: The electrode suction system with components from phg

In close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of ergometers phg has developed this solution which is as functional as convenient for the patient.

The task: The perfect contact feature and thus the adhesion of the electrodes is of ultimate significance for precise ECG signals.

The solution: A computer-controlled electrode suction system that sets and continuously monitors the optimum vacuum depending on the skin texture and hairiness of the patient - for reliable adhesion and optimum skin-friendliness.

The result: The vacuum is reliably attached, and the transmission of the electrical signals is safe and undisturbed.

The most important benefits of the electrode suction system at a glance:

  • Optimum, skin-friendly application
  • Excellent adhesion of the electrodes even on very hairy skin
  • Artefact-free acceptance of ECG signals
  • Modular setup of terminal block
  • Application of vacuum required only once because of possible linking of modules
  • Specific shape of connector to avoid confusion or use of third party products

The computer-controlled electrode suction system is now successfully applied worldwide and has stood the test under harsh practice and clinic conditions.

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We have consistently adapted to the requirements of mecial electronics - among other things with our cleanroom for production and assembly up to packaging in a sterile production environment.


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