System Solutions for Medical Electronics

Top quality at an internationally competitive price-performance ratio is feasible in Germany - phg has proven it with this innovative cable and connector solution for the latest generation of defibrillators. A special electrode detection is integrated in this high-tech connection system. A four-core cable to the neutral electrode improves the quality of the ECG presentation, and additional contacts to transfer data for the cardiac massage were added.

These are arranged in such a way that the formerly used 3 pin connectors also fit into the new 12 pin models. The connection system fulfils IP55. The contacts withstand several thousand volts, and the new connector solution is designed for several thousand mating cycles. It is designed to allow both professional rescue services and inexperienced first responders to establish the connection between the device and the single-use electrode reliably and within seconds.


Defibrillator mit Kabeln und Steckverbindern


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phg Verbindungstechnik Kabel Rundsteckverbinder M12
M12 - 17 pin
Taking account of the continuing trend towards more contact options in small space we offer an extension to 17 pins on M12 connectors.
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IPC-WHMA-A-620A – a Label for Quality
The industry standard IPC-WHMA-A-620A - requirements and acceptance terms for cable and wiring harness assemblies ...
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Technology for Medical Devices, the new specialist fair for suppliers in medical technology, had its premiere in Stuttgart.