Useful information about phg

phg supplies its customers with comprehensive and customised solutions in the connection technology and data systems technology business sector. Every aspect from development, through to production and logistics is based at its Deisslingen site. This means that at phg the approach is more focussed, agreements are reached faster and flexibility is greater. The decisive factor as to why phg consistently delivers the top quality production associated with its benchmark “Made in Deisslingen” is its reliance on high production depth and the available expertise that is often difficult to come across in this industry.

This expertise, knowledge and perfect finish are the prerequisites that ensure that phg is well positioned to produce high-end products. However ultimately it is the passion with which we turn the task you assign to us into our own that allows the quality to emerge that to date has set us apart from the competition.

phg – your answer when it comes to the right connection between passion, expertise and knowledge for creative solutions in data systems technology and connection technology.


Simultaneous engineering – Good products are the result of good ideas

Solutions that are functional and competitively viable at the same time come about in close collaboration with the design engineers and developers of our customers at phg. Fast, goal-orientated and optimally tailored to different requirements. An approach that minimises overall development times.
The input of our expertise during the developmental stage gives you the assurance that right from the start of a series, you will be approaching the market with optimal products. Where this is concerned, phg is in a position to seize upon decades of accumulated expertise on your behalf. State-of-the-art purpose-built development environments, as well as test facilities and equipment are at our disposal to achieve reliable solutions in line with the latest technology.

In-house tool and mould-making

The basis for precision and quality

Our high production depth has allowed us to occupy key positions that are decisive for the flexibility of our company and for the quality of the product. In this regard our in-house tool and mould-making facilities form the link between construction and production.
phg implements solutions rationally via CAM interface and is always flexible when it comes to the implementation of changes or repairs at short notice.

Advanced, fire protected tool store

Ideally protected injection moulds

One of phg’s key competencies is making extrusion technology available, for which numerous injection moulding tools are available for job processing at short notice. These injection moulds are the product of our expertise literally formed into steel and therefore are well worth protecting – especially since they are often the property of our customers. For this reason we store the injection moulds in a dedicated fire protected area. With our advanced storage logistics system easy access is possible whenever required.

Injection moulding – also under clean room conditions

phg isolates the overmoulding and extrusion coating products from the machinery environment

As a result for an increased demand for particle and germfree susceptible products, phg has succeeded in implementing the overmoulding and extrusion coating process in clean room conditions. This means that requirements of this nature no longer pose a problem for us. We have risen to the challenge of manufacturing the overmoulding and extrusion coating product isolated from the machinery environment. However, not only have we mastered the production of free-falling parts, but our overmoulding and extrusion coating technology in which the operating staff is deployed under clean room conditions also allows us to produce “unadulterated” inserts.
Today this technology is primarily implemented in the medical technological sector, but is also increasingly becoming a hot topic for the miniaturisation in electronics.


Injection moulding technology with granulate preparation

phg - your consultant when it comes to selecting a plastic or synthetic material

With this diversity in production for special areas of implementation comes an increase in the diversity of plastics and synthetic materials that are implemented for these. Be it for implementation under rough industrial conditions or for medicinal interests: Only the best suited plastic or synthetic material will deliver the decisive product quality and characteristics. phg has a wide-ranging repertoire on offer in this regard and will assist you in your choice of suitable materials from the outset.

However, it is only if the plastic or synthetic material is processed correctly and has also been prepared correctly that the desired product quality and characteristics are achieved. In the processing chain, coming close on the heels of correct storage has to be suitable preparation of the material even before the overmoulding and extrusion coating process.

We use state-of-the art granulate drying plants to create the ideal conditions for the required product quality.
Only constantly monitored and controlled pre-treatment of the plastic or synthetic material granulate will guarantee that the high level of quality typical to phg is upheld.

We manufacture high quality moulded parts in our advanced machine park. The preliminary stages of our products are produced using automatic machines and in so doing we can determine quality immediately.
When it comes to the area of processing inserts, we process a wide range of thermoplastic resin for the overmoulding and extrusion coating of these. A standardised release and quality assurance process ensures that a reproducible reliable quality is also a given in semi-automated production.
We also offer suitable processes for sensitive electronics, as well as for many other applications.

Production and electromagnetic assembly of components

Customised products, whenever required

Our advanced production areas develop complete ready-to-install assembly of components. Our customers receive the products customised to their specific requirements.
As a systems supplier, not only is phg involved in production in this context, it is also involved in the materials acquisition, testing, packaging, labelling through to logistics and demand-driven supply.

Testing and development laboratories

With phg nothing is left to chance

Irrespective of whether we are dealing with electronic assembly of components or electromagnetic structural components, the products we develop undergo comprehensive laboratory tests at an early stage and are thoroughly tested all the way up until series release.
With us, nothing is left to chance.


State-of-the-art quality assurance

Quality from the outset

Already in the project phase phg attaches great importance to implementation and the definition of processes and technologies being top quality. With the aid of advanced testing and measuring equipment, the products are monitored starting from incoming goods inspection through to despatch. In the process a constantly reliable quality is assured. Necessary tests can be fulfilled internally on completion of a series or by external service providers. This includes parts analysis via a CT scanner.


Service and training centres

With phg you will always be on the cutting edge

To ensure that our customers and users are always in the know of and get to appreciate the variety of innovations phg products can offer, phg offers an in-house service and training centre to allow you to learn more about phg’s individual products. Aside from standard training we also offer application and customer-specific training together with our experienced industry professionals.

Construction and design for innovative solutions

Intelligent technologies and products as the solution for your problem

phg will support your design engineers and technicians right from the outset. This will allow your design engineers to focus on their key competencies at a time when short product development turnaround times are king.
phg will take charge of developing the appropriate solution from the initial construction and design suggestions, via 3D models with the assistance of SolidWorks, through to the prototype with the assistance of established rapid-prototyping processes. Dialogue with us will facilitate initial thought processes resulting in optimal solutions tailor-made to your requirements from our many years of experience.