phg connection technology at the sps ipc drives fair

[Translate to Englisch:] phg Verbindungstechnik auf der sps ipc drives 2017

There are many criteria for cable/plug connections that require more than the standard:

design, additional functions, individual pole assignment, application-specific electrical parameters, dimension, handling, surface... a good product also includes the right connection to reliably transmit data, signals, power and, if required, gaseous or liquid media. Optimizing for the intended purpose and function creates added value for your product and for your users.

At the sps ipc drives fair 2017, we will be presenting many new possibilities, including new solutions for circular connectors. Optimizing for the intended purpose creates convincing functional and economic advantages. We would be happy to show you interesting examples of M5, M8, M9, M12, M16 and M23 connectors. See for yourself:

sps ipc drives 2017 from 28 – 30 November 2017
Nuremberg, Concourse 10.0 Booth 401

You can order your ticket for free at We are looking forward to your visit! You can also approach us directly with your requirements. We can certainly give you some valuable inspiration and can provide lots of different “connections”.

Best regards,

Stefan Oberreiter
Marketing + Sales, Connection Technology


Cable connectors and plug connectors – in the desired specifications

Circular connectors M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, M23: connector design, number of power and signal contacts or cables according to customer specifications, color, length, diameter, surface, electrical values, etc. There are many parameters to keep in mind. Is classic cable assembly the way to go here, or does it require an application-specific solution, either partially or as a whole? We can offer you both options – so your cable connector is just right. 

  • Individual cables
  • Plug layout according to specifications
  • Individual cables and assembly
  • Individual geometry in various materials
  • Plastic coating also possible in the individual plug design
  • Cabling according to customer specifications

Contact us to discuss customization and cost effectiveness

M23 – according to your precise requirements

M23 is the new large format phg device plug connector: this 19-pin device plug connector has a compact and robust design with 16 signal and 3 power contacts. The cables are connected with the contacts by crimping technology.

We offer completely ready-to-install solutions for the M23 from a single source for your specific application. Talk to us about the possibilities for your needs.

M23 device plug connector

Even more clean room

When it comes to clean room production, we have had the necessary expertise for a long time now. Now, phg has even more going on in terms of “clean rooms”, as we have doubled our space through extensive expansion measures. For our customers, this means more capacity, greater flexibility in production and guaranteed availability. Our three clean room zones are independent of each other both in terms of space and infrastructure. A professional team, state-of-the-art technology and permanent online monitoring ensure that our customers’ requirements for consistent quality are always met.

Clean rooms at phg

Certification to the power of three: now with ISO 14001:2015

At phg, we attach great importance to fulfilling the quality demands and requirements of our customers. It is therefore important for us to always be up to date with our certifications, which is why we have recently undergone three recertifications at once. ISO 9001 quality management is standard for us and ISO 14001 environmental management is good form. We have already demonstrated the requirements of the new 2015 revision for both standards and completed the recertification seamlessly. As a sign of our innovation and confidence in our expertise in medical technology, we are also working on the requirements of the current revision of ISO 13485 quality management systems for medical devices with pending recertification in the first quarter of 2018. We are pleased to continue as a competent, qualitative and reliable supplier and partner with this “certification to the power of three”.