Environmental management

Working with the environment in mind - we know why

We acknowledge our joint responsibility in the conservation of nature--and have proof in black & white: phg has been certified for environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 24 March 2006.

Environmental policy:

  • Environmental protection defines our primary corporate goals. The environmental compatibility of processes and products is guaranteed by integrating constant improvement in our endeavours.
  • Working with the environment in mind is part of each employee's work. We obligate all employees - including other people and institutions- to actively work with us on environmental protection in order to increase awareness of carefully dealing with resources.
  • We will reduce environmental impacts to a minimum that can be achieved with the economically justifiable application of the best available technology.
  • We are obligated to adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations, other requirements and internal rules of conduct.
  • We regularly evaluate the state of environmental protection and the corresponding necessary technical and organisational processes in our company in order to identify weak points, to arrange the necessary measures, and to document the advances achieved.
  • We increase occupational safety through identification and rectification of potential sources of risk to people and the environment. Occupational and environmental safety are closely related, and the work-friendly design of processes generally also results in increased environmental compatibility.
  • We work on constantly improving our environmental performance and establish concrete, measurable goals each year and intensively work toward achieving them.