phg - about us

From development to production and logistics, we offer our customers a complete service in both company divisions, phg data technology and phg connection technology.

More than just run of the mill

With approximately 250 employees we create solutions, products, and systems that rise above conventional standards thanks to ideas, cost awareness and quality.

Since 1974 phg has brought about intelligent solutions with extraordinary quality and a desire to be a company with added value. We prove that you don't have to spend more money for more quality.

For us, technology is not science, but passion.

We are in a leading position with innovative components for identification systems anywhere where accesses are regulated, where security is an issue, or where operating data are registered.

Cable assemblies, cable harnesses, plug connectors and complete assembly groups - with ideas and production quality phg ensures that data continues to flow correctly.

Partnership for you

In us you have a partner that is good for complete solutions in his fields of competence: from the first conceptual consideration to the product that is ready to go into series production. Continuity and experience over more than 40 years - not a small thing on a market that is marked by quick product cycles and tremendous innovation advances.

Thanks to several building extensions we have created new free spaces for future requirements in the form of two stately building extensions. Not in some low-wage country, but here at home in Deißlingen. Meaning the place where it all started in 1974.

The new buildings made two developments necessary. First, the need for project-related measures constantly increases. And second, when our customers visit they like to see the variety offered by phg's connection technology and data technology divisions. We can now fulfil this wish.

See for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.